Saturday, November 27, 2010

My first crocheted rag rug

I'm tickled-I made my first crocheted rag rug!

Some things I love about my rag rug:

::It cost me next to nothing because I used some of my thrifted sheets.  (The very center is part of a thrifted shower curtain.  The rest-sheets.

::It was quite easy.  My arm, hand, and thumb are a little sore-but just a little.

::It was quick. I just started my rug last evening at 6:30.

::It's pretty, in my opinion.  Love those colors!

::It was fun to make.  I loved picking which sheets to use.

Mandy made a rag rug and Eren made a little rag rug tutorial.  Their rugs were just so pretty I had to try one for myself!

It's in my bedroom right now-hiding old, faded carpet. 

 I have a feeling I'll be making more in the near future.

Have a great Saturday afternoon everybody!


Jessie said...

I love it!!! You'll have to teach me how to do it.

Holly C. said...

Will do, Jessie!

Dawn S. said...

I love it Holly!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

It's a thing of beauty. One night? I can't believe you whipped it off so quickly. I want to make one now, but I'm so caught up in making Christmas presents....I'm in a bit of a panic.

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Dawn!

Jodi you are such a prolific crocheter you'd whip one right up! Maybe you can make one during the dark days of January. :)

Inoureyes said...

Oh its just beautiful Holly.
Thanks for the links...its still on my long to do list!

Kim said...

I might even be able to do this. Love it.

Luisa said...

Love it!
I have a rag rug on my mind right now too. I'm going to use all our old clothes.

Rhonda said...

Oh my-it is beautiful! You did a fantastic job on that and I can't believe so quickly!! Love the colors too. Oh, thanks for the birthday card - that cake looks so yummy!

Dawnie said...

Love your rug, Holly. The colors are so nice!! Love the pastels. Can't believe how fast you are! If you need sheets for more, let me know.

Debbie said...

I love your rug and the colors are great. Now I want to make one.
Years ago my grandmother made a room sized rug for her living room with wool scraps. I remember her working on the outer rows while it was on her living room floor.

mandy said...

Holly it is so beautiful!

I love how your rug came together, isn't it amazing how quickly it works up? And it's so fun to choose which colors go next to each other.

I just love how yours came out!