Monday, November 29, 2010

Over the weekend

I ripped and I tore...

(Faith, hope and love sign is an early birthday gift from my girl!)

I wrapped and I rolled! And I made a bunch o' ragballs.  :)

I made pumpkin pie filling.  No crust-too lazy!

I thrifted.  This is a little first aid kit box-it says so inside.

These are like-new beautifully printed sheets!  Thank you kindly, Goodwill.
While I was on the floor taking photos, I turned around and took a pic of our little attic space.  I don't really know why, I just did.

Have a good Monday!


Inoureyes said...

Looking forward to seeing the next rag rug creation.
You are so lucky with your good will shopping.
Over here those sheets would be well worn and around $8 each!

Dawn S. said...

Same here inoureyes. The sheets here would also be heavily stained and probably infested! aaahhhh!

Holly, I love seeing what you come up with next! I will just live vicariously thru you - k?! LOL

Debbie said...

You are lucky with your thrifting. In this area everything is very expensive or so filthy I wouldn't touch it.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Oh....Your rag balls are great. I could make me a bunch of those with all my thrifted fabrics and sheets.

Rhonda said...

More rag rugs in your future???? Well, only a few more days of 42 left!!! Dawnie has now crossed over too! LOL

Dawnie said...

Yes, Holly it is your turn to cross over soon!! Love all your goods. We do have the best Goodwill! You can always find awesome things! I feel so sorry for all your bloggers that aren't blessed like we are. Maybe they can come to your Bed and Breakfast someday and you can take them to Goodwill!!They will think they have died and went to Heaven!!