Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy birthday, Kimmie!

Happy birthday to my youngest sister, Kimmie!  (In the middle, obviously.)

Here are some memories about Kimmie from last year's birthday post:

:: When I was a teenager and Kimmie was just a little girl-she would, ahem, cut the cheese in front of my boyfriend (not Larry). Talk about wanting to die! ME not her.

:: Then at her birthday party one year (she was still little, mind you) Larry (my hubby now) got her a little toy tractor and a card with money in it. When she opened the card, she looked at the money and said sarcastically, "Oh wow, free (three) dollars." Oh Kimmie!

::At our nephew's birthday party (only about a year and a half ago, mind you) she says to me, "Do you have a bra on?" Ah yeah, Kimmie, I do wear bras in public. And you can bet I ordered new bras the next day. And now every time I see her, I say, "Hey Kim, I have a bra on." And she says, "I'm sorry." Bahahahahahahahaha!!!

***Some more memories***
::When Kimmie was a baby and would be bawling in her little baby seat-my middle sister (Jodie) or  I would take her pacifier (which was a bottle nipple with the back covered in tape) and run it under water and then stick it in her mouth and that would satisfy her for a few seconds and then we'd do it again and again.  (Probably till Mom came and took over.)  (PS-I'm nearly nine years older than Kimmie.)
::Remember this Jodie???  One of us would growl and scare her and then Kimmie would run into the other's arms.  We did that over and over too!  I wish I had the energy I did then!
::Kim was scared to death of TV commercials for mud masks.  As soon as one would come on the TV-someone ran and turned the channel.  (That was before remotes.  Goodness, I'm old!)
Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Kim.  I love you!


Rhonda said...

Oh such wonderful memories of your childhood! Happy birthday, Kim!

Dawn S. said...

hahahaha! good stories. I bet she is sooooo happy you shared all of this on the world wide web. ;o)

Kim said...

Oh gosh that's so funny! I don't remember the mud masks and the growling. I'm still a big baby :)

Wendy said...

I hope Kim had a great birthday today. I like the stories you shared and I doubt she would mind you sharing them with us either!