Thursday, April 11, 2013

Aster, Ebony, and Perry Winkle

I've been less of a slacker than usual this week. I made two rugs and added on to another one. Yay!
This is Aster.

This is Ebony.  I had cut up a bunch of my yucky black t-shirts, yoga pants, and even a skirt I hadn't worn in over five years-so I had plenty of black rag balls that needed used up.

Larry wanted a rug in the living room for the Roc to lie on-so, I pulled out Perry Winkle from a few years ago.  I decided to add on to it to make it bigger and I used gray.  Then I saw my vacuum sitting near it and noticed that it matched perfectly-right down to the duck tape!  Weird, huh?


Michaelanne said...

Omg!!! How funny that your vacumm is a perfect match! Roc is going to love that cozy spot:) ALL of the rugs are beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Holly,

I am now the proud owner of "Astor". Your fab sister Jodie gave it to me for my Bday. You can't imagine how thrilled I am. I love rag rugs--so homey and comforting. I will be re-doing my bedroom in the rugs tranquil tones this summer.