Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hope and Perry Winkle

Yay!  My child finally asked me for a rug and she requested orange and purple to match the cut and tie fleece blanket I made her for Christmas a little while back.  Not my first choice in colors-but I'm sure it will look cute in her bedroom.  Of course, I named this rug for the one I made it for.  'Hope' is made with thrifted shirts, one shirt right out of my closet, and a piece of sheet.

Look at the difference in the color of the floor in these two photos.  I must learn how to fix this some day.  Note to self-read camera manual!  (If only the manual was a paper manual and not a cd that I need to load onto my already slow computer!)

This is Perry.  Perry Winkle.  He's named for a color he contains-periwinkle.   Perry Winkle started out pretty hodge-podgey-I was just using some odd rag balls I had-but I think he ended up pretty cute.  Perry contains thrifted shirts, also a shirt I grabbed out of my own closet, some flannel from a care package from France, and part of a sheet.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, now-ya hear!


Dawn S. said...

very nice! both of them. :o)

Dawnie said...

Well, how nice to make one for Hoper. It is cute and cheerful and I love Perry too. It has some really pretty colors!!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Those rugs are very vibrant! My daughter likes the purple/orange combo too.

Rhonda said...

Nice that Hope asked you to make her one. I like the colors - very good for a dorm!

Anonymous said...

I like the orange and purple!