Friday, August 31, 2012


I could not think of a better name for this rug!  Remember Happy Gilmore?

Take a pile of colorful, thrifted t-shirts and cut 'em all up, then crochet 'em all up, and what do you get?  A 'Happy' rug!

I've been eying a pile of tees in my closet-they better watch it, or they'll get it next!!!
        HAPPY Friday!         


Dawnie said...

Happy is a perfect name for this one! Love the vibrant colors; they are so very cheery!!! I think the more colors, the better!!It reminds me of Joseph's coat..

A Friend on the Farm said...

I like Happy too! It's so bright and cheery!

Rhonda said...

This rug reminds me of salsa!

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! Such vibrant colors! I love happy...You sure add to the amount of HAPPY in this world with all the beauty you create!

Michaelanneneal said...

Whoops! That was ME:) My fingers are ahead of me...!