Friday, July 9, 2010

Not your ordinary flower pots

I love using 'stuff' for an unintended purpose. For example:
::This log planter that I bought at a little shop. (Okay-this WAS intended to be a planter-but you know what I mean-it's a LOG.) It could easily be made-especially if you have a chain saw. What they did was cut a slice off the bottom. Cut out a rectangle out of the inside of the log-then nailed the slice back on the bottom-then nailed on 'mini' logs for feet.
:: This is a tile drain 'thingy' which my mom brought me from my aunt's. She knows her daughter! I propped it up with a huge tile pot (turned upside down) I spied in the back of my hubby's truck. (Yeah-he was going to throw it out.) I've fished a plethora of good stuff from the back of hubby's truck.
:: A little bucket-I made the fake paint drips so it would go with my ladder planter.
:: Same with this bigger bucket.
::Hubster brings home these stones w/holes from work.
:: I love watering cans!
::I've had this copper tea kettle from a yard sale sitting out for probably ten years now.
:: Not a pot-but my broken bird bath top is now garden art.
:: Finally-not a pot either-but here is my first zinnia to bloom. I checked back on the blog and I planted these seeds on May 31st. So that's approximately 40 days from seed to bloom. Not too shabby. I love zinnias!


Rhonda said...

I love it! I want to see another angle of that log planter! I use my broken pottery pieces for garden art too. Such great ideas.

Jodie said...

now i can the pics...purdyyyy i am surpried you dont the "outdoors" more than you do......i dooooooo