Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fruit of my new loom

I ordered myself a little present a couple weeks ago. I ordered a lovely 17 peg wooden potholder loom from Craftsanity's etsy shop. I'm really having fun combining different colors and such. You can see below-the potholders are about two inches bigger than the ones made with the looms from our childhood. Which is nice, because sometimes large potholders come in handy. Like-you know-if you would want to make a rug or something.
Another thing I wanted to say-if you are even remotely interested in crafting-you may enjoy listening to the podcasts on I really love listening to different podcasts while I'm cleaning (haha) or doing my little crafts. These crafty people that Jennifer interviews are quite inspiring and it's so fun to hear their stories. But be warned-you may want to order every last book that these wonderful crafters promote on these podcasts. I know I want to!

***I just noticed that Etsy has their name spelled Esty on their website today. Must be an April fool's joke. It worked-for a minute there I thought I was losing it. (Or am I?)


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I still swear by those potholders. And I keep forgetting it's April Fool's Day.

Rhonda said...

So cool. You sure do keep yourself busy!

Holly C. said...

Jodi-I haven't forgotten. I have my guard up!

Rhonda-Some people may say I have too much time on my hands. Not me. But some people. Like my brother in law.

Dawnie said...

You will be whipping out potholders like crazy. I love all your awesome color combinations!!!

hanna said...

these a great, and wouldn't they make a great rug!