Tuesday, April 6, 2010

From bad, to worse, to better

Bad. Very bad.
Worse. Ack!

Cheeto anyone? Someone need a stray Prilosec OTC?
Better. Much better.

Tune in tomorrow for when I clean out from beneath the sink! (Just kidding.☺)


Rhonda said...

Don't worry-mine look like that a week after I clean them out. It seems I have dirt fairies hiding in my home that like to create dust bunnies and leave gross stuff in my silverware drawer.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I see you're on a Spring cleaning rampage....Care to come to my house. I'm moving at a snail's pace with my efforts and I may just call it Fall cleaning, just to be ahead of the game.

Cindy said...

hehehe, THIS is on my list for this week. EVERY drawer in every room. i'm afraid of what i will find also. love your before and afters:)

Inoureyes said...

Miss Holly!
What a dirty drawer!
Tisk! Tisk!
Mine is worse and probably wont be done for another year or so.
Oh and im baaaaaack
Be afraid, be very afraid!

cumquats said...

Wow! Well done. What I find really amazing is that (tens of?) thousands of kilometers away and your kitchen draw paraphernalia look remarkably like mine. I can't help but wonder...does every kitchen in the Western World have those orange tupperware Measuring spoons? I inherited mine from my Auntie Vi and I love them!

Holly C. said...

Hi cumquats!

Yes-it's quite possible that most here in the U.S. have orange tupperware measuring spoons in one of their kitchen drawers.

Now I am off to check out your blog!

Jenny said...

Yay for organization! :D

Dawnie said...

Hey, this could be my drawer,bc(before cleaning)