Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A centerpiece

I've been having a tiny wee bit of table envy. I mean-some people sit at the table and eat, and use napkins-cloth napkins. My family does not. Hubby has never wanted to sit at the table-so we never have. We eat in the (gasp!) living room. And cloth napkins??? The only way we'd know what one of those were would be if it were in the shape of a shirt. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little, but not a lot.
I mean look at this table and this table-so pretty and homey.

So I set up myself a little centerpiece complete with cloth napkins (flour sack tea towels cut in half) and napkin rings (new in box from Goodwill-they have everything, I tell ya!), Hazelnut Coffee Yankee candle which I don't normally burn on the table (usually I only burn them on the stove because I'm afraid I'll burn the house down), empty salt and pepper shakers (from Hubby's grandma) and a couple other things from around the house. This is all sitting on a groovy metal tray I bought years ago at Goodwill.
And I put out this fruity tablecloth given to me by my friend, Dawnie. (It was me or the garbage and she chose me.)

I know it's a little eclectic-and even though I know we won't be sitting at the table to eat and won't be using the cloth napkins-it brings me great joy to look at this set up.

Now-if only I could keep that table cleared off.

Ahhhh-a girl can dream.☺


Sharon said...

I am always changing my tables up - I don't believe it is possible to own too many table linens. I think your table looks WONDERFUL!! You will have to hop over to my blog and check out the tablecloth Lori made for me, I just love it :)

Inoureyes said...

Oh my, i am in love with those chairs!!!
I love the cute little yellow pot,vase too.
I like to put a few things on the table,
Ellie always rearranges it or sets up her dolls in obscure positions for everyone to look at instead!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You're so sweet....Thanks for the link. And I must say that I love that tablecloth. I'm glad you gave it a good home. And don't think for a moment that we don't use our sleeves in my house. Mostly, the napkins seem to be just for show -- I have yet to see one on my children's laps. Humph.

Jodie said...

speaking of sleeves, we are all out of kleenexes at school and dont have money to buy any.....so today ppl were saying, isnt that a necessity? should we ask pto to buy some....i said.....tell the kids to use their sleeves....i crack myself up i tell ya.....and btw i love everything my sister has.....i am of envy i tell youuuuuuu i love my sisterssss

Holly C. said...


I have a suggestion. If there is no money to buy any-go get a few rolls of toilet paper. That's what we use when we run out and vice versa! I suppose that would be against the rules!

I love my sisters too.☺

Rhonda said...

Beautiful table, Holly! I love to change my centerpieces too and we only use cloth napkins when we have a special meal or have company over. I have the same chairs at my table too!

Cindy said...

i love it! i especially love those napkin rings! you should use the napkins. we have been for about a year and i don't miss paper ones. i even take the cloth ones in my lunch to work. we still use paper towels though. i really love your little set up there though, very sweet!

Dawnie said...

That looks so inviting; I think I am coming to dinner. Thanks for the beautiful job today!!