Saturday, October 3, 2009

Obsessed with sheets

I think I'm obsessed with "vintage" sheets. After making this towel rug, I thought our downstairs half bath needed some sprucing. I whipped up some new curtains using my rag method of making shower curtains. No need to worry too much about being neat and accurate with this method. (That's why I like it.)
And while I was cutting into that cutter quilt, I cut a piece for a cover for the little cupboard we have in there. I was going to let the edges raw-but decided to bind it with a strip of the lovely vintage sheet. I love it. And bonus-it will help to disguise dust too!
Finally, I had found one of the hand towels to the towel set I made the towel rug from and added a little embellishment of the sheet across it. AND-I found a piece of leftover towel from the towel rug (it was a BIG towel) and covered the raw edges of it with the sheeting and voilá-another hand towel.

And in case you think I'm a matchy, matchy kind of gal-I must not be-because the seafoam green of my wallpaper does not match the limey green of my towels and rug.

But, I don't care-I love them anyhow!☺


Rhonda said...

Very cute! I love the rag quilt method too.

Love your posts from the last few days, but the comment box was not up - don't know why.

Holly C. said...

Oh-I don't know why that doesn't always work for you. Oh well-you are checking in, right?

A beautiful day for the ALF parade-but this is the first time I haven't gone for quite a few years! I kinda miss it-but I wanted to stay home today too.

Hope y'all are having a great fall!☺

kb said...

Love it! See you later today. Yeah, I haven't been able to comment either for the past week as there has been no comment box to pop up...weird.

Holly C. said...

Oh my-I wonder why? I probably have some setting screwed up or something! Hope it fixes itself-I like comments!☺

See you later-Jodie's making a rainbow cake! I'm excited.

Jodie said...

rainbow cake is started...almost half done.....oh mamma. you are too crafty and i need you here daily.....i am so boggled right now, with clean up, cake, pool cover, demands and dishes. uhhhhhh but its well worth it. i love my girl that much.

Holly C. said...

I know-by the end of the evening you'll probably be frazzled. But yep-it's worth it. Have I mentioned I'm excited about the cake?☺

Dawnie said...

Okay, what is a rainbow cake? Holly, love your bathroom. I am coming over some day I have off and you have off to take in all your beautiful things. Okay?

Dawnie said...

Okay, one more comment. One vintage sheet can redo an entire bathroom: towels, curtains, rug and accessories. WOW!!! Now that is a bargain and beauty to boot!

Holly C. said...

Dawnie go here

That's Mckmama's blog and that's where we saw the cake. It's just white cake with lot's of food coloring. But it just looks really good!

The sheet thing-I know and if you get it off the 29 cent rack-well, you can't beat that with a stick.

Holly C. said...

Okay-I don't think that link is working.

Go to my sidebar and click on My Charming Kids and go to 9-27-09 and you should see the rainbow cake there.

Inoureyes said...

You are so lucky to get vintage sheets for that price. We pay here around $10 per sheet. Vintage is the big craze right now.
Clever girl!

Holly C. said...

Yes, Dawnie, please come over sometime. I think I'm free the beginning of the week.☺