Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Towel rug-finished!

I finished the 6th project in the Handmade Home Project. It's the towel rug and I really like the looks of it. I found a brand new towel in my cedar (hope) chest that I decided I would use. And I went with a 'vintage sheet' yet again for the fabric-I love this cute print!

What I did was-I took this towel and cut it down to the size I wanted. Then I cut the sheet to the same size. Then I cut 5 two inch strips of the leftover piece of towel. Then pin and sew the strips on the material. After that, sew right sides together leaving a 4 to 6 inch opening to turn right side out. Then topstitch the whole thing closing the opening as you go.

As you can see I didn't change my thread to the proper color-but I'm okay with that. And note-my linoleum and wall paper are over 20 years old-and I'm okay with that too. You know-it's vintage.☺

Also-if your floor is slippery-Amanda advises to use puffy fabric paint on the back to help with the slippage. Not a problem here-the hairspray on the linoleum will take care of that!☺


Anonymous said...

Holly that is way to cute! Once again you are sooo clever!

Dawnie said...

This is adorable!!! I love the colors. Little green ducky looks so cute posing for the picture. Very nice!!!

Rhonda said...

Hey-great posts the last few days - sorry, sometimes a comment box does not appear on my screen, so I can't comment :-(

Love this floor mat thing - would be great if I made a couple for the boys' bathroom - their rug is always soaked. But I'm just dreaming - I'll never do that - I don't have your craftiness for sewing.

Wish you could visit me - a new consignment store opened in town - lots of cute things at good prices - not 29 cents, but hey, still a good bargain!

Holly C. said...

Jessie-Thank you!

Dawnie-I went to the basement and dug him out of a box especially for this pic! I'm surprised I found him.☺

Rhonda-Oh my goodness-you could make one of these easily. You've made quilts and curtains, now I know you could do this. Now-with two little boys running around it might not be as easy..... I wish I could visit too. We'd have a blast. I'm sure I'll make it out sometime in the next couple years!☺

Care said...

That is so cute!!