Saturday, April 4, 2009

I make shower curtains

+ Me-1
10 shower curtains

To date I have made 10 shower curtains.

About 2 years ago, I couldn't find a shower curtain to go with my bathroom, so I made one.
I went with the raggy method. I think I cut 5 or 6 inch squares of fabric, sewed wrong sides together, made it the size of my old shower curtain, cut the top off my old liner, sewed it on top of the new curtain, made holes in the fabric where the holes are in the old liner top, reinforced them with the sewing machine, and voilá-a new shower curtain. (I think that was a run-on sentence.) Then I made a little valance to match.

Pretty quick and easy, cause I don't worry about being exact and precise. It is the rag method, after all!


Rhonda said...

Only you could pull off a cute look like that with a rag quilt!

Dawnie said...

I love your shower curtains. You may have to add Dawnie to make it 10. You know 10 is a nice number, even and all you know. Love your work.

Holly C. said...

Just say the word, Dawnie and I will make number 10!

Anonymous said...

can u make tubs bigger ???

Holly C. said...

Nope-sorry Davey, you'll have to use your wife's tub. It is clean you know!