Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love and Hope

Since I gave Jess my blue 11 x 14 frame, I needed another frame for my La La Love you print. So, I dug out an old 8 x 10 and spray painted it in John Deere light yellow. Then I sanded the edges. I'm kind of into yellow and I think I like it. Good enough for now.☺

And then below that-I hung this lovely wall art that my sister gave me. Thanks, Jodie! I la la love it. (hehe) She knows I love all things hope. I added a wallet of my Hope on the corner. Click on pic for deets!

Speaking of Hope, yesterday was the sheep show at the fair. Here's Hope (on right) showing her friend the ins and outs of showing sheep.

Who knew showing sheep was such a complicated art???


kb said...

Love all the pics!Hopefully Hope did well at the fair.

Anonymous said...

Not as good as last year, Kimmie.


Dawnie said...

Love the pix and the yellow frame. Sanding the edges gives such a great country look. Great picture of Hoper. She is a sheep showing genius!!! I love chatting with you. I promise not to pester you everyday!!! Adrion is quite delighted that you are coming back when school starts. I think he was cheering. HA.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures - the yellow looks good and I absolutely love the saying on the hope pic. I love the pic of Hoper too - she is so cute - oh they grow up so fast!