Saturday, April 27, 2013

Robin's eggs

Day one

Day two

Day three

Day four

How I check the nest.

Mama and Papa get so mad at me!  I can't blame them though-they've got to protect their babies to be.
I'm so happy that I get to peek in on these guys.  Don't worry-I won't bother them too much!

Have a great weekend.  :)


Deb said...

What a gorgeous discovery! The prettiest blue eggs ever ♥ You will have so much fun watching the nest. The Robins like to nest on top of our pergola & I have a "birds eye" view from our upstairs bathroom. I was shocked at how soon they all leave the nest!

littlemancat said...

So pretty! The eggs and the parent robin. Just be careful climbing onto that chair - I only say that because that is exactly what kind of thing I do and I'm klutzy - ha,ha!

Michaelanne said...

Amazing!!! I love these:) and I am with Mary:) Be careful on that chair! I would probably end up in the nest:)

Holly C. said...

Deb, we've had them in the rhododendrons before and I had a bird's eye view from the deck and I loved every minute! This nest I can't really see it very good from the deck, thus the chair. I was so surprised too, how quickly they leave the nest!

Mary and Michaelanne,

I am very careful. I don't want to break a hip!