Thursday, April 11, 2013

Off my camera

Some pics from my travels (that 10-15 mile radius around my home) over the past week or so.
I noticed this pink bike stuck in a tree on the side of the road over a year ago.  I still don't understand this. Things that make you go hmmmm.

On my way to Larry's aunt's house

Larry's aunt's kittie-Fluffy.  She's so pretty-she's about 13 years old.

Jodie's tulips from a week ago.  I wonder if they're blooming yet.  Probably not yet.

                I stopped at a pond near my house to take pics of ducks I saw there.  Dang it-the ducks were too far away, so the pics didn't turn out.  I never realized how big that pond was.            

Nature has the best colors.

It looks like the robins are fixing up one of their nests from last year.  Hopefully, I'll get a front row seat  to watch baby robins again this year.  Can't wait.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Michaelanne said...

I love the pond pic that you got..the reflection of the tree is as pretty as the ducks you were hoping for!!! And...those geese. You know, Jack told me they always travel in pairs..we saw two walking through the snowy field yesterday...Did you notice your robins nest was shaped like a heart??? It is sending you some too:) XO

Holly C. said...

I kind of did notice that it was heart shaped, but I dismissed it for some reason. Yes-I think they were sending me love. I'm sending you love today too-figuratively and literally! Holly

littlemancat said...

Love the pond pics - and the others too - something about water and the wonderful reflections. Especially like the wand of young leaves against the water. Hope you see the robins build their nest soon!

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Mary!