Friday, August 17, 2012

This and that

It's Friday already???  Where did the week go?
I'm having fun taking mug shots!

I love this mug.  I have four.  They are from Goodwill.

Stragglers-the blueberries are almost done.

These are Jodie's lovely zinnias.  I wish mine were this nice.  I may be stealing some of these for my windowsill.

There's a Flickr group called Cloud Junkie.

I joined the Cloud Junkie group, because I think I am one.

This is the steeple on the cemetery shed near our house.

Another mugshot!

You look moovelous!

I love moo!  (I sent these pics to my niece and my daughter with these silly captions.  I think my niece enjoyed it.  My daughter-well, I probably just annoyed her.  Oh well, it's my job!)

The sun was shining on my sunflowers!

I asked my neighbor if I could have some of his black-eyed Susans and he said YES!
Yet another mugshot!
This is it, that is all.  Have a wonderful day!


Michaelanne said...

I didn't know about CLOUD JUNKIES:) That is surely for YOU:) I am definitely growing more zinnias next year! I want the SUPER tall ones! Rainy and cool here to take Lucille to the vet for shots..ugh!! Oh well...gotta be done! Enjoy your day Holly!!

Dawnie said...

Love your mugshots!! Pretty black eyed Susans. Those cows love to pose for you and isn't that a mother's job--to annoy our children. I seem to do a good job at that one! Yes, I agree, you do belong to the cloud junkies!! Very pretty cloud pictures!!