Sunday, August 12, 2012

Randomness, as usual

There was an 'X' in the sky the other day-and yes, I checked to make sure there wasn't an 'O'.

This way to heaven.

I made red velvet crinkle cookies last week.  The recipe was on the Duncan Hines Signature red velvet cake mix.  The red dye is probably terrible for you, but I really loved these cookies.

I made some sour refrigerator pickles with some cukes that Larry brought home.

This is my nephew's and niece's trike~getting old, getting rusty.  I think Jodie uses it as a photography prop now.


Another mugshot!  This is fun!

An ugly, weed infested garden can provide beautiful things.  This is proof!

A clean table!

Must document clean table!
You have to admit, that's a pretty good heart cloud!

H is for Holly AND honey.  Dawnie brought me some local honey when she visited and it is sooooo good!  Thank you, Dawnie!
That's all the randomness for now, but there will be more soon~I'm sure.


Michaelanne said...

Your home is so COZY and fun to look at!! So many treasures:))) Lovely pics Holly!!! I need to catch up:)

Dawnie said...

Your welcome, Holly!! I have one bottle almost gone. Love it on top of peanut butter toast. Speaking of red dye being bad for you. HA. How about peanut butter toast drizzled with honey. YIKES! Love your dining room! It looks so BEAUTIFUL~ Your flowers look great on your very clean table. Isn't it hard to keep a table cleared? I need to go work on mine now. It looks like a train wreck, as usual. Flowers are pretty and i love your heart cloud!