Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This is Olive.  She's named for olive green she contains.  This rug was a request from my sister-she wanted it for a house warming gift for a friend.

Olive is made with thrifted t-shirts.

I really love Olive.  I think she is pretty!

Today is another dear friend's birthday.  Happy birthday, dear Dawnie!!!  May your day be shiny and brite!

May everybody's day be shiny and bright!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas corner

I just don't have the patience to go all out in the Christmas decorating department-so this is just about it, folks!

My pencil tree was in the basement-so I carried  it upstairs and decorated it with some Shiny Brite bulbs that I picked up at Goodwill.  My Aunt Charolette had given me some old Shiny Brites and I used them too.  See-I didn't feel like getting up in our little attic.  Then I pulled the few decorations from the closet (that weren't put in the attic last year) and sat them around.  Tadaaaaaaaa-I'm ready for Christmas.

I do want to buy some little candy canes and some other Christmas candy for those little dishes.  I also want to pick up a small strand of lights.  I might just lay them on that bare spot on the toybox.  (Hubby wants me to unplug my lights before I go to bed-grrrrrr.) (Yeah-that's my girlie's toybox, which Larry's late uncle made us as a baby shower gift.  It now contains old National Geographics.)

Oh, 'Grace' picture, how I love you!!!

Santa, please stop here!  I've been a very good girl this year.  (Not really!)

I also had some of the antique Christmas bulbs that my Aunt Nancy gave me that weren't buried too deep-so I displayed some of those.

Here's the poinsettia doily my mom made me long, long ago.

I hung the snowman sign that my cousin, Michelle, got me one year.

My neighbor and friend-the one that had been very sick (but she's doing alot better now!)-gave me the angel.

I just put these vintage boxes under the 'pencil' tree because I thought they were pretty.  I got the idea for using things like pretty vintage boxes and packaging for decorating from my good friend, Dawnie.  Her home is always beautifully decked out for Christmas-she's not lazy like me!

Ahhhh-my thrifted cross stitched Santa.   It was destined for the dumpster, but I brought him home with me.  I love him!

Today is my dear friend Rhonda's birthday.  She is quite the shutterbug.  Have a wonderful birthday, Rhonda!

Have a good day, everybody!

Sunday's sunrise

This was the view from my front door yesterday.  Wasn't it stunning?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the extent of my Thanksgiving cooking (as usual), which doesn't include cooking at all-just peeling and chopping.   And opening a can of olives and a jar of pickles.  I made dip too-with fresh I'm lying-it's just sour cream and Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix.  Can you say MSG???
I'm thankful for that!

I got to see my beautiful daughter today for a couple of hours-I'm thankful for that.

Hey-do you want to see my sink???  Too bad!  I cleaned it up-you're seeing it.

PS-I had three cups of tea (six teabags) this morning-I'm so thankful for tea!

The SPOON wanted me to tell you Happy Thanksgiving and that he's thankful for you!!!

I'm thankful for you too!  I hope you had a wonderful day.  :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yer acting like a buncha animals!

This is Dakota Jo and he's kind of my new grandpuppy.  He's a Samoyed!  Hoper's calling him Jo Bear, because she thinks he looks like a little polar bear.  I think he looks like a baby seal!  Well, anyway you look at him, he's a beauty-I know that for sure!

It was bear season here on Saturday, Monday, and today-so Rocco had to wear some red.  (I didn't have orange.)  I had to keep an extra eye on him too, so he didn't wander into the woods.  Yes-I think he could very well be mistaken for a bear!  Do you think so?  I think he's very handsome in red, by the way.

 Rocco brought my attention to this 'rafter' of turkeys running up the road this afternoon. I got a few camera 'shots' off, before they ran for their lives. Did you know there's a children's book called Run, Turkey, Run? There is!  It's right here.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy birthday, Kimmie!

Kimmie with our dear grandma-Atheline Hattie.  Grandma's birthday would have been tomorrow. She passed away in 1998.
Happy birthday, pretty lady!

Kimmie with our beautiful niece, Jess!

Three sisters on Christmas morning in the late 70's-Holly, Kimmie, Jodie.

Happy birthday, Kimmie!  I hope you have the most wonderful birthday and I wish you nothing but happiness always.  I love you!

If you want to read some past birthday posts for Kimmie-they are here and here.

Have a great day everybody!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Hello!  I hope you all are well.

This was the sky on Sunday morning, I think.  Wasn't it pretty???

This is this morning's sunrise.  I thought it was pretty too!

Speaking of pretty-this is my girlie's arm.  She needed shots and a tb test for school.  And yes-she let me photograph her arms-as long as I didn't get her face.  :)

I think these are the first shots she's ever gotten without me!  Waaaaaa!!!  She is scared to death of needles.  (That's probably why she has no tattoos or piercings, not even ears...yet.  She wore magnetic earrings to the prom.)  She was relieved to get them over with.  They still use little kiddie bandaids.  Awwwww!!!

November's harvest-these were growing really close to the house, so that must be what saved them from the freezing temps.

I was making a 2012 Rocco calendar and I came across some pics of my little wee puppy!  Isn't he sweet?  It's so hard to believe he was ever that little!

Have a good weekend everybody!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Handmade gifts, part two & Kimmie's Korners

I was at my youngest sister's place yesterday and so, of course,
I took my ipod around and took pics.  She lives in an apartment
which is the top floor of a house.  It's really cute!  Anyhow, she
got some new wall decals.  I think she said this one is called
dandelion dance.  Love it!

Here's a little stack of quilts I've made Kimmie over the years. 

I ended up giving her the first beach blanket to go that I made-I
didn't use it anyhow.

This is a pillow I made Kimberly awhile ago.  I made it from old
fake moleskin shirts.  I think they were my middle sister Jodie's.

This is a pretty korner.  (I'm going to be korny and use k's, k?)

A pillow I covered for her.  I was in my frayed rosette phase.

Here's a potholder I made for Kimmie.  I was in my dishtowel potholder phase.

Kim uses this clothespin holder to hold plastic bags.

Little cookbooks on a plate rack.  Cute idea, don't you think???

Kimmie's other kookbooks.

Fall decor!

Here's the yarn wrapped wreath I helped make.  Yep-more frayed rosettes.

I love those things!

Hello, Eartha!

Hello, No Name!

Hello, Oceana!

Hi, Skye!

Here are coasters from my criss-cross coaster phase.

Mom made us girls some crocheted coasters last year.

I'm loving the blue and brown!

Awww-little fake kitty in a crocheted bowl!

Lovely garland wrapped around  Kim's railing-I think she got this at

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Have a wonderful day!