Friday, February 18, 2011


Yesterday-I left my house.  Yes, I did!   I had to go to the grocery store and the post office anyhow, so I decided to drive a few miles up the road to a little thrift shop-it's the one where I got my free Martha Stewart au gratin soap dish and the big santa blow mold that I gave to Dawnie. Yesterday,  I bought the above sheets and two pillowcases. (Washed, dried, and folded-thank you very much!  I don't usually fold them-ha!)  I have never seen that top print before.  I think I won't cut into the cases and just use them.  I've had the sheet print second from the top before, and I love it!  I might have a hard time cutting into that one.  Anyhow, I bought four sheets(for rugs), two pillowcases, 20 shirts (for rugs), and two doilies for $5.51.  The shirts were 10 cents a piece or 50 cents a bag.  The lady there rolled the shirts really tightly so she could fit as many as she could in the bag!  And then she told me that if I didn't have a penny, just give her $5.50.  I gave her $6.00 and just told her to keep the change.  Geesh, I was feeling a little guilty-I should have given her more!  So that's my big thrift story for the week.  I didn't even bother going in Goodwill!

Isn't this the prettiest plate?  I picked three up at Goodwill a couple weeks ago.  At first, I thought it had purple pinecones on it, but no I think they're thistle flowers.  (No not that either-I looked it up it's- Wild Clover china pattern Made by Canonsburg Pottery.)

This is another Goodwill plate.  I'm still fiddling with photos for notecards.

Yet another Goodwill plate.  Yep, still fiddling.

I haven't made a rug in over a week.  That's about to change!

Have a wonderful Friday.  :)


Rhonda said...

What wonderful treasures! I think I've seen that plate pattern with the thistles before - perhaps a garage sale? IDK-I thought they were pink pine cones too and thought "how weird" - so I walked away from them. It makes much more sense as thistles and I love thistles too! Have to keep my eyes opened.

Dawnie said...

Love the bold blue retro sheet, very pretty. I love that Thrift Shop too. I always am able to find some unique things there!!

beki said...

I'm loving that bold printed sheet right in the middle! Not that I need anything at all, but I'm in the mood to hit the thrift store now!!