Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another homemade book

I didn't lose my mojo-I made three little blue cookbooks.  I may make one more.

And I decided to make my mom a book of copies of my scrapbook pages that I did two years ago during a two week scrapbooking stint.  So I got busy copying the 20 some pages I had of 'the grandkids' onto cardstock.   I ended up running out of ink-so I'll have to wait till my new ink cartridges get here so that I can finish. 

I made the book cover from a file folder with some fabric glued onto it, and then I stapled each corner of the covers for good measure.  I punched my holes in my cover and pages and just used jute to bind it. 

It's a very rustic and very simple little book.

And I think Mom will likey.  I mean, why wouldn't she like a scrapbook of her grandkids???


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You are so clever....And kudos to you for seeing it through (hurray for your mojo).

Dawnie said...

Yes, hurray for your mojo. Could you send some to me? Your Mom will absolutely TREASURE this!! What a great idea! Can't believe you have done 3 cookbooks too. Keep up the great work. Save some mojo for your up and coming new project!! Can't wait to see it.

Sharon said...

What wonderful projects Holly, are the cookbooks full of your own recipes?

Holly C. said...

Sharon-Mom gave me a little recipe book with 32 handwritten (by her) recipes for my bridal shower twenty something years ago. So what I did was copy everything on the printer/copier and I'm reproducing it.

Michelle said...

Those are wonderful!!

I found your blog in the Handmade Home group over at Flickr, and I'm so glad I did:-)

What a lovely spot you have here, I'll be sure to return!
Have a great day,

Holly C. said...

It's nice to meet you, Michelle!