Friday, July 16, 2010

Now that's a bunch o' bull!

I went on a dangerous photo shoot this morning. (That's right-I stepped outside!)
Oh-hello girls!
There was a whole lotta bull going on!
Teehee-this made me giggle-the tough ol' rottweiler kept to a safe distance.
I was sure hoping this fence would protect me...
cause I'm no bull fighter!
"Boo-yah! (Bull-yah!)"
There's a baby moo cow in the back there.
Well hello, purdy girl. (Darn flies!)
"My name is Rocco and I am afraid of the moo cows."
Gravel growin' wildflowers-they're everywhere.
You (I) gotta love this pup.......and that's NO BULL!


cumquats said...

Great photos! No bull! :) Kim

Rhonda said...

Ha ha ha - I would be on the porch with the dog - farm animals frighten me too - especially chickens.

Jodie said...

you sure know how to bullshit....bahahhahahhah....ahem.....i have some nice pics of the cows and that freaking rocco is tooo darn cute....and thats no bull#$&@........bahhahhahahahaha

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Those bulls look tough. I think Rocco has a lot of common sense. Smart dog.

Kim said...

Love the pics. How come your blog lets you post more than 5? I swear I'm only alowd 5. maybe it's my template. Rocco is so cute. I'd be afraid too.

Holly C. said...

Kimmie-you can go ahead and post your 5 pics and then you can add 5 more if you want, then 5 more, and so on. Make any sense??? Hope so.

Dawnie said...

Love these pix, Holly. That Rocco is too darn sweet! The boys adored him. Thanks for letting us come and visit!