Thursday, July 29, 2010

Books and stuff

I love, love, love books, but you know what, I don't read them much anymore. I take my netbook to bed with me and by the time I'm done 'reading the computer', I'm too sleepy to read a book. Bad Holly!

I LOVE to look at books, so that's a good thing. And even though there are no small children in my house anymore-I feel like I need to keep crayons, and coloring books, and some little toys around-just in case. My grandma always kept a tin of crayons and coloring books on a bookshelf on her sunporch. I have fond memories of lying on her sunporch floor and coloring. I suspect that's why i keep them around.

My goodness-apparently I was influenced by my grandma alot because when I was a teen-I just couldn't wait to get my own apartment, then I would buy glycerin soap and those little cans of Campbell's tomato juice. Both were things my grandma had in her house.

Well-I have a house and I have tons of soaps around-but I'm just too cheap to buy those little cans of Campbell's tomato juice. In fact, I make my own tomato juice now.


Kim said...

One of life's little instructions is to buy a good book even if you don't read it. I remember all that stuff about grandma Jean. I always thought the sunporch smelled like those crayons.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

It sounds like your grandmother was a good influence on you.

Rhonda said...

I think we were all influenced by our grandmothers more than we know! I love the look you got going here!