Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday morning

I wanted to get a picture of Hubby and Rocco leaving in the gator this morning. So I snapped a few pics while I was waiting for them to get out the door.
My glass balls hanging from where the baby swing used to be.
My neighbor, Ethel, gave me Mr. Owl.
Going to get the gator.
Rocco couldn't make it the whole way up!
On their way!
Now where'd I put my tea? Oh-there it is. (Sand art-another reminder that not so long ago a kiddo lived here.)

Have a great day, everybody!


Kim said...

Rocco is so darn cute. Too bad pups and kiddo's grow up! Love ya.

Dawnie said...

Rocco is so cute. Thanks for letting us come and play with him today. Sorry the kids got him wound up. We had a great time with you!!

Rhonda said...

Love your pictures. That puppy will soon be grown - just like your little girl - so sad :-(