Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WIP (work in progress)

In their former life-these squares were 5 thrifted wool blazers and 1 pair of thrifted wool pants.
The colors in the photos are a little off. The squares are actually a little darker in real life.

I want to sew these together and back them with a sheet and then knot that together. Then I will incorporate this blanket into a Handmade Home project. I'll share when I am finished. (Who knows when that will be! It probably depends on when my wallpaper gets here.)

I really like using cast off clothes to make things. It's fun!


Rhonda said...

I can't believe those are from old clothes. I tried that with jeans once but never got very far. I do admire your talent, girl!

Sharon said...

I just bought some material on eBay to make my first "practice" blanket. It was a set of 40 4 inch square pieces of fabric for $4.50, although I have to wait because I asked my hubby to buy me a sewing machine for my birthday and Mother's Day. Do you have any suggestions on which machine to buy?

cathleen said...

It's a lovely repurposed project, Holly.

Holly C. said...

Sharon-My first machine was a basic Brother from Walmart and my second machine is a Singer Simple from less than 100 dollars. I would say they are good starter machines. Now-I've read good things about Bernina if you want a really good machine.

Anybody else know anything about a good sewing machine to buy???

Kim said...

Looks like it's going to be very pretty and fun! You know me I like fun stuff.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Holly -- I'm amazed! This is going to look fabulous. I don't remember seeing this project in Handmade Home. I'm off to look it up. You are my thrift store idol.

Holly C. said...


I have achieved my dream-I am someone's thrift store idol!!!

I am adding flowers and buttons and making it the button flower blanket.

I am just getting the wool clothing off the 29 cent rack at Goodwill-hacking it into 6 inch squares, sewing them together. Then I sewed the top and a sheet right sides together, then turned it right side out. Right now I am knotting it. Then I will cut some flowers and sew them and buttons on randomly. The wool stretches so mine certainly is not going to be perfect-but it's fun!

Dawnie said...

Very cool! Can't wait to see the finished product. For Sharon, Lori Shirey bought a nice sewing maching and she really likes it and sews alot. I don't remember the name but I know she got it at the sewing store in the Cranberry Mall. You can ask her about it sometime.