Thursday, March 18, 2010

Portrait bookmark

Last night I made the portrait bookmark from Handmade Home. The idea being that you have your child draw a portrait of someone, then you embroider it and make a 'portrait' bookmark.

I looked around me children here at the moment-so I drew (traced) the portrait. I printed out a silhouette of a lab (somehow this lab has lamb-like qualities) and traced it then embroidered it. I'm giving it to my niece. That's why it says Bear. And that's why it's a lab. She has a lab named Bear. You understand!
Here's the back.
Now I'm off to clean a friend's house. I'm drinking some mocha cocoa (add a teaspoon of instant coffee to some hot cocoa) for some much needed caffeine and sugar! Got the idea from somewhere at Life in a Shoe.


Rhonda said...

Love the bookmark! You are really getting through that book in a good way - hope you documented all of it for your own book! I like your 30 days of beauty photos too!

Rhonda McMillen-Toth said...

I love the Carl book - what a great dog!

Dawnie said...

Love the bookmark!!