Friday, March 12, 2010

I made a desk

Kind of. Sort of. (And please don't make fun of it!) It's kind of a mish mash of different things that came from needing a desk after our particle board eyesore of a desk fell apart as I was trying to drag it outside to paint it.

It started with a free curbside find-a little table/desk. But it was actually too short to use as a desk. So I asked hubby if he would help me change out the legs. I had brought home some spindles from when my mom and dad tore down their old deck-so we used those after I spray primed and painted them and the desk top green. (I also took sandpaper to it and wiped it down with brown craft paint on a damp cloth.)

But guess what-the darn thing was too tall then-so I took the hacksaw to the legs and cut them down two inches. That was fun!!! Not!!!

Then I wanted to skirt it to hide the tower and the millions of cords underneath. Those things are so ugly! I tried several different ways and different fabrics to do this (they didn't look right at all). I finally settled on using this cutter quilt tacked along the inside. I thought the quilt against the floor looked weird so I stitched this cotton lace (saved from old curtains) along the bottom.

Whewwww!!!!! This whole process was a long and hard one-but I do think it actually looks better than my old particle board desk!


Rhonda said...

Very nice! I like the painting job. The quilt looks good under it. I hate cords too - I have them in my corner desk and there is no way to hide them other than close the doors. you are so creative!

Dawnie said...

Love your desk!! Love the quilt too. I think it looks so pretty!! I'm sure it was quite a job but how lovely it is!! Love your little candy bowl!!

Cindy said...

its adorable, i love it. you did a great job and the quilt is a brilliant touch!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Yay! You did make a desk. I love the distressed look. Very nice.

kb said...

Repurposing! Love it! Hey isn't that the desk/table you picked up down the street where I live?

Holly C. said...

It sure is, Kimmie!