Friday, March 26, 2010

Color inspiration

::hook and loom
::macintosh apple
::little blue pitcher
::watermelon pottery
::orange marmalade
::wrapping paper

I was trying to think of which color combos would look the best for my little potholders. So I just sat there on my dining room floor, looked around and inspiration was everywhere.☺

I think I'll give these out as little gifts at Easter time.

Except the black and white ones. They're going to a bride-to-be along with some money. Her colors are-well-black and white.☻&☺

Happy Friday to ya!


Kim said...

oh I absolutley love!!!I want them all but hope to get the teal ones!!!

Holly C. said...

They're yours!

Rhonda said...

I love the colors! The teal would be my favorite too, but they are all so lovely.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

They are so adorable. Hook away Holly!

Jodie said...

hooker holllly .....bahhhahhahahha i love them. and you

Dawnie said...

That's amazing how they all match your inspirations!!! Very nice!! Very colorful and pretty!

Cindy said...

i LOVE the blue and cream! LOVE them. so cute and just hits that little part of me you know what i mean. so cute.