Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday boy

It's hard to believe that my favorite nephew (my only nephew) turns 16 today.

When he was born-he was quite scrawny with stick legs and a big head! (I say this with lots o' love!)
He's scrawny no more. He towers over all of us now!
(Patrick and his mommy)

If you live in the eastern part of the U.S.-you may want to practice your defensive driving skills-he'll be on the road soon, I'm sure. (Oh, I'm kidding-I'm sure he'll be a wonderful driver like his Aunt Holly!)
Happy birthday, Patty! (I love to call him Patty!) We love you.


Jodie said...

ohhhhh how adorable. i couldnt wait to see what you posted. that boy is a FREAKING LOVE MACHINE, i love him sooooo much......he has spoiled me being his mom. he loves his aunt, dont ya know.....uhhhhh life will become much more interesting in the years to come, i am sure. ps....he sure does love his mom too.

Holly C. said...

Yes-I know he loves his mommy!

Rhonda said...

Oh, Happy Birthday, Patrick! This means that in 2 weeks, my boy will be 16 too! When we are in PA visiting, he will be driving so that means there will be 2 of them on the road that we need to watch out for!!!! ha ha ha