Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adelaide's pillowcase dress

Yesterday, I worked Adelaide's pillowcase dress from Handmade Home. Why did I not know about these when my child was little??? These dresses are sweeter than a five pound bag of sugar!
I have a thrifted purple pillowcase just exactly like this yellow one (except-well-it's purple!). I specifically set it aside so I would know where it was for this project just a few short days ago. Guess what-I can't find it. So I went with the yellow. That's okay-I like yellow.

I had a good bit of trouble sewing on the bias tape (to cover up the raw edges). I cannot for the life of me sew on narrow seam binding. And the zig zag stitch and I do not get along. I think I screw up the settings on my machine and ...... what a mess. Rip, rip, repeat.☺

Sooooo-I ended up making my own w i d e r bias tape from left over pillowcase and used that. I used the narrow bias tape to make the ties. (Dang-I can't sew a straight line to save my life. I do much better when stitches are hidden.)

So anyhow, it's done. I'll probably keep it out for a while so I can look at it's sweetness. Then maybe I'll put it away for future a granddaughter or grandniece. Hehe!

***On a related side note-my daughter will be wearing a dress soon for the first time in 15 years. Yes-that's right-no dresses on that girl since the age of three. Yep-it's soon PROM TIME.

Don't worry-I'm sure there will be photos to document this momentous occasion!


Rhonda said...

Oh that is so sweet. If I ever have a granddaughter, I will have to get the instructions on how to make this! I was wondering what Hope was going to do about prom! I can't wait to see her in a dress. Have you guys been shopping yet?

Holly C. said...

Yes-she has her dress. I wasn't allowed to see it yet. She won't tell me the color or anything-it's a suppose to be a surprise!

Naturalearthfarm said...

Oh, That is so sweet... my almost six year old is already too big for this...

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I have that same pillowcase -- except in pink. I think you did a great job (and I can relate to your sewing in a straight line -- sometimes I look like I'm sewing under the influence).

Holly C. said...

Naturalearthfarm-they can also be used for shirts! So get sewing!

Jodi-of course you have the same case-we have so much in common! And sewing under the influence-bahahahahahaha. And boy-I wouldn't advise-that could hurt!

dodi said...

oh! I love the way this turned out! Just beautiful! :)

I, too, struggle with sewing straight and on the bias tapes. It was so very comforting to read this. I am cursing (only a little... ;) ) at one right now, in my attempt to finish Amanda's beach blanket to go. Will post the final piece soon! Summer/picnic season is just around the corner! eeks!

Holly C. said...

Oh I can't wait to see it. I did some cursing when making the beach blanket to go to!!!

Kim said...

cuteness. When I have a little girl I hope you make me one! I can't believe it's prom. Is she going with anyone? Is Jodie taking pic? I can't wait to see!

Holly C. said...

Oh don't worry Kim-I'll make your little girl tons of stuff!

She's taking a friend that's a junior. I'm sure Jodie will be getting some pics!

Sharon said...

Oh my I love it - here I am having my first granddaughter in less than two months I better get that sewing machine soon :)

Holly C. said...


Dawnie said...

This does make such a sweet dress!! I love the yellow too. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

I am so relieved that I found someone else who has done this project! I am getting hung up on the cutting instructions! Could you please give me some insight as to how to cut out the top of the dress? I keep trying it on scrap pieces and none of it looks right. I don't think I understand the "points"/"marks" bit.

Thank you so much! Happy sewing! Take care!

Sarah Jane

holly c. said...

Hi Sarah Jane!

Give me a chance to find the book and look it up and see if I can help.


Anonymous said...

Dear Holly,

I finally figured it out! But thank you for offering to help!

I'll make sure I make your blog a regular stop on my daily rounds!


holly c. said...

Okay-Sarah Jane-I'll give it my best shot.

I had to read the instructions about 10 times to think about how to do this.

Take your pillow case and lay it out on a table. Have the pillowcase opening at the your case is lying flat there on the table and at the top is what is sewn shut (or closed) and at the bottom (closest to you)is the open part (the part where you stick your pillow into). Let's assume you are making this for a 12-18 month old little girl. From the bottom you will measure up 17 inches on each side-mark the sides with a pencil-then draw a line across the case-then cut along that line-there will be two layers that you are cutting through, of course.

Take the top that you just cut off and toss aside-you won't need that. now you are left with an open top with rough edges and your open bottom that's already hemmed-because it's been untouched and that's where you would stick your pillow in the case.

Take your case and fold it in half width wise. It'll still be 17 inches long but now only half the width it was.

From the bottom measure up 12 inches and mark it on both sides.

Then place a pin in the top center.

Draw a gradually curved line from the pin to the pencil mark on each side. When you are done it will look kind of like an upside down v-the v having sides that are curved in.

Next cut along your pencil lines (the upside down v) through all 4 layers. Open up the case and you should have something that resembles a pillowcase dress.

Oh goodness-I have no idea if that makes sense, but hopefully-I've helped a little!