Saturday, March 20, 2010

30 Days of Beauty-24, 25

I was outside knocking down last year's bee's/wasp's nest and I looked closely at them and thought to myself how amazing and yes-beautiful-these little intricate works of art are!

Bees, you are annoying and painful at times-but you do beautiful work!
Ahhhh-this 'stuff' is beautiful to my eye!

What's not to love? Books, buttons, crayons, paint brushes, pine cones, candles, crocks, glass jars, toys, coasters, and doilies. I say there's nuthin' not to love!


Jodie said...

those are booooootiful reallly likey.....i dont know which i like better....hmmmm...i might have to go with the stash of stuff...just cuz it reminds me of the 3 know...our children. <3

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You're right....What's not to love. (Except cleaning around all that clutter -- that's what I'm doing today. Actually, I'm rearranging clutter as I go).

Have a great weekend.

Dawnie said...

Very pretty. I think I see the kiddie kitchen retro set there. AHH. Love the nest too. Bees are very amazing little creatures.

Sharon said...

Love them both Holly - I have been collecting birds nests this week. And what everyone else thinks of as clutter, well to me it is just beauty.

Rhonda said...

cute-do I notice a certain doily with tulips on?

Holly C. said...

You sure do! Love it.