Monday, February 22, 2010

Projects-past and present

This is a soccer ball made by me for my daughter's geometry project, about three years ago. Yes-I was a bad mommy and did my daughter's project for her. She says,"Hey Mom, can you make me a soccer ball for my geometry class?" I say, "Well, dear, I can try." And try I did. I googled soccer balls and I tried to find out how they were made and yes-this was an all day project. This was not easy for me! I think I she got a 45 out of 50 on it. Minus five points for neatness. The nerve! (I guess it is a little wonky.) The teacher asked her if she made it herself and she replied, "Well, my mom helped me a little."
Next up-we have the 'valentine box'. I know lots of moms and dads have made these. I think I did this when my daughter was in kindergarten or first grade. So this thing is nearly an antique. It really is showing it's age. I think she must have used it through 6th grade.

I made zippered pouches! (They actually look better in real life.) A practice one last night and a good one this morning. I've been wanting to try one of these for a while now-they're all over the craft blogs. And since I seem to have a plethora of zippers.....I finally got one made. I followed this tutorial, and it really wasn't too hard. BDO (that would be Dawnie) gave me this Waverly upholstery weight fabric and a lovely sheet-so I used these two materials and made one up for BDO. Oh-and I used fusible interfacing to to make it less floppy.
I really love the inside!

Well-I really must go do something (like laundry, cleaning)-this house falls apart when I try to make stuff!!!


kb said...

Cute projects. Love the valentine box. That little fibber on the soccer ball.oh well, i would have said the same at that age.

Rhonda said...

Oh those are all so nice - I love, love, love the zippered pouches. Zippers scare me, so I avoid making anything with them. Yours look so professional-you should really sell some of your stuff, girl!

Dawnie said...

Yes, you should sell your stuff. BDO will LOVE her zippered pouch. I am so excited!!!!! Thank you so much. You made my day...Can't wait until Thursday or Friday. I am thinking now of all the things I can put in it. YAAHOO!! You SPOIL me and I'm happy you do. It's these things that make my heart smile.

Jodie said...

ohhhh what a friend........would the one on the bottom of the the stack say JAW for JODIE ANN WALTER....LOL you are amazing.

Holly C. said...

Yes, yes that's what it says.

I was wondering who I could pawn that off on:)

Inoureyes said...

Just another thing on my mountain of to do pile. Thanks for the tutorial, it dosnt look as hard as i thought it to be

Holly C. said...

Melissa-it was quite easy.I love tutorials!