Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stupid human trick

So yeah, let me tell you a story about a 41 year old whose name rhymes with Molly. She's not too bright sometimes.

Yesterday-we'll call her "Holly"-Holly stopped at her favorite neighborhood thrift store. She stops every time she's in town. Anyhoo-after she was done browsing-she drove around back to unload a few bags into the donation building. (She's been cleaning the basement, you know.)

Well-she got distracted because she saw employees throwing unsold 15 cent items into the dumpster. They were getting ready to rotate colors for the next day. While Holly was unloading her bags into the shed-she thought she'd yell over something clever, so she yells "I guess I'll have to start dumpster diving! Hahaha!" to the employees doing the tossing out. After that, Holly had to get to her mom's house to help her mom clean a few crumbs up her filthy house.

A few hours later, after the crumbs were filth was cleaned up, Holly headed home, but remembered she had a few bags in the back, back of her jeep-so back to Goodwill it was. (Besides-there was this round table there for 15 dollars and she really liked it-but how would she get it home and where would she put it?-oh heavens.)

She went and took another look at the table and thought no-better not, but decided to browse yet again-that's right, twice in the same day.

Holly headed to the books and much to her dismay-she saw Apples for Jam-wow, she loved that book! She'd just pick that up for Dawnie cause she knew Dawnie would love it-and for a dollar well-you can't beat that with a stick.

And then-what luck-The Glass Castle-Holly loved that book too. Why-she'd just pick that up too-and it's a soft cover-that's only 50 cents.

Wow-today must have been her lucky day-because there on the shelf was Home to Holly Springs........hey wait a minute-what the frick?, Holly had all these books in her car-she was going to give them to Dawnie to read, the next time she saw her.

Oh. my. goodness. "Ummmm-Sandy, Sandy-Sandyyyyyy!!!!" (Sandy is a Goodwill employee, by the way.) "Remember me dropping off donations this morning? Well-I gave you a bag of books I wasn't suppose to. I'll be happy to pay for them again though."

I'm happy to say Sandy didn't make me pay for my mistake and only looked at me-I mean Holly-like she was just a little crazy.

The end-for now-I hope.☺


Dawnie said...

Holly, you are starting to show our age. HA. That is too cute. Thank heavens for Sandy!!! Glad she gave you your books back so now I can read them. Hey, I saw that round table and looked at it. You should buy it cuz you could make it look really sweet.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Davey-will go get that table for me-hint hint!

I kept saying to the employees-I can't believe I did this...and they kept looking at me like I was a tad loony!

How embarassing.


kb said... are to funny.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I didn't try to give Twilight away, right Kimmie!


Inoureyes said...

You are so lucky that they were still there! Thanks for the laugh this morning hun, you're a classic

Anonymous said...

Glad I could make you laugh, Melissa!


Jodie said...

oh played a Jodie...enough said. LOL

kb said...

And a Kimmie. I've done a many stupid human tricks. Gee it's in our blood. Who do you think we get it from?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - too funny. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does stuff like this - good thing about living somewhere no one really knows you, if you do something like that, they can't tell anyone who you are! Do you think it is an age thing, or a Redbank thing?

kb said...

Redneck- I mean Redbank thing...When people ask where I went to school,(since I do not live in NewB anymore, they tease me and say Redneck Valley.

Anonymous said...

I think it's both.

I never heard the Redneck Valley one(good one, by the way)-I always hear the "Oh-you must have went to Spedbank" thang! Now-that's not very nice, is it?


kb said...

We tease people around my area as well as the BF that they were a Monitard. LOL