Monday, August 24, 2009

Stupid human trick II (or field corn for dinner)

Um yeah-time for today's installment of stupid human trick. Unfortunately I'm the human again.

Hubby brought us home some corn last night, he'd just picked it at my in-laws. We were having it tonight with our dinner.

My thoughts as I was husking it:

::Geez Larry, this looks stuff looks tough.
::Geez Larry, why couldn't you have looked for more tender stuff.
::I know it's been a while, but I thought the silk was yellowish not dark brown.

My thoughts as it was cooking:

::At least it smells good.

My thoughts as I was eating mine before Larry got home from work:

::This isn't very good.
::Maybe I should have cooked this longer, cause man-this is tough.
::Why am I even eating this.

My words to Larry when he got home:

::I don't think you're gonna like this.
::Wow that stuff's tough.

His words to me:

::Well-it shouldn't be, it's just coming on.
::Let me look at it.
::Why-that looks like field corn-hope I didn't pick the wrong stuff.
::Wait till I taste it.
::Eeewww-that's field corn, not sweet corn! Now, how'd that happen???


Maybe, we'll try again tomorrow.

Then again-maybe we won't.

Field corn-it's what's for dinner.

Oink oink!!!


Inoureyes said...

I'd be one of those stupid humans too. I didnt even know there was a difference between sweet and field corn

Anonymous said...

Funny! The deer here like our few rows ofsweet corn better than the entire field of field corn right beside the garden - I think I need to get some target practice in!

Anonymous said...

Melissa-glad I'm not the only one.

Rhonda-I'm with the deer-sweet corn tastes better. And you go ahead and target practice-but I think I'll stay away from the guns.☺


kb said...

That's hilarious!

Dawnie said...

UH OH!! How disappointing!!

kb said...

come to think of it...i think i ate field corn one least the husk was brown like yours was...oh well. hope you get some good stuff tonight.