Monday, August 31, 2009

The last first day

A page from my 2 week scrapbooking stint, last summer. The first day of kindergarten. Such a pretty, happy little girl.
The first day as a senior. Still pretty, not quite as little or happy.

Me::Doesn't it seem like the first day of kindergarten was just yesterday?
Her::NO! It seems like a @&%#$*@$ long time ago!

Oh heavens.....time stands still for no one.


kb said...

she driving the jeep and not her mustang? oh my how time doesn't stand still and goes so freekin fast!

Holly C. said...

Yes-Kimmie-she mostly drives other cars than the 'stang, but she does drive it some. I'll be driving it Wednesday to get tires and inspection. Aren't I a nice mommy?

Anonymous said...

Oh I just want to cry. Time just flies by and yes, it does just seem like yesterday they were starting kindergarten.


Jodie said...

omgoodness....i the photographer didnt even take a first day picture. too rattled i guess. but blessed that i am, i had a wonderful day. God told me to have a good attitude. (pray i continue to)ohhhh my and the beauty of my hope michelle gets bigger and bigger. i miss that girl...she really needs to visit her aunt more often. love you hope

Anonymous said...

Oh Holly I remember when she was born and I remember Larry holding her as a baby at my wedding with the criss crossed head. I just can't believe she is a senior. There will be more first days the first day of college and so on.

Anonymous said...


Hey-she was your first Halloweener, right?


Anonymous said...

I may have to do a bloggy post on the criss cross head.


Anonymous said...

Yes I believe she was and if I remember correctly there was and inch or two of snow on the ground. Am I right, because you backed up to the door.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember about the snow, I just remember it was at Cleo's house.


Dawnie said...

Oh my, It was Remi's first day of kindergarten. I don't want time to fly now. I love having them both in school. It is very freeing since they are both happy and enjoy it. I can't believe Hope is a senior. It is sad to have them grow up. I am definitely not ready for those moments. I am happy to have little ones yet.