Monday, August 17, 2009

The first bouquet!

Oh, I love my zinnias-and here's the first real bouquet. I love to bring in flowers-makes me feel better! You should try it, if you haven't already.

Dawnie told me they have bunches of zinnias in tomato cans-yes, tomato cans-at the farmer's market-yes, in our little town there's a farmer's market-for a dollar. What a deal!

Next time I open a can of tomatoes, I must save the can and try using it as a vase. So simple, yet so ingenious!


Dawnie said...

AHH, your flowers are beautiful!!! I am thoroughly enjoying my beautiful bouquets from the farmer's market!! They just cheer you up when you look at them!!

Anonymous said...

I know!!!☺


Jodie said...

oh how i love zinnias too, except, well, mine, they got burnt....damn....i mean darn.....and even though i love zinnias, i think i love your photography even more. my goodness, where did you ever learn such fine photography???? ME???????? LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes-Of course you-who else????

Love you,


Inoureyes said...

Pyrex! Buttons! A doiley!
Such sweet flowers too.

Anonymous said...

Everything "we" love, right???


kb said...

sis...can i borrow your Twilight book if you didn't lend it out. Just that one. We are reading it for October in my book club. Thanks. I was going to come up on Labor day (on a monday) since I'm off and go to goodwill. You said that is a good day to go. Thought I could meet you and the gang again. (Jodie and mom)

Anonymous said...

Yes-you can borrow it. Nope-didn't lend it yet.
Sounds like a plan!