Sunday, August 16, 2009

A baby gift

I was getting a little baby gift ready to send for tomorrow and I thought I'd share.

This is for a little girl-very little-she was a premie. I didn't make it to the shower (my daughter didn't tell me I was invited)! Anyhow, I thought I'd just send this little gift.

It's four baby washcloths (I think a bottle of baby wash is cute to give with the washcloths, but since I'm mailing this, I'm not giving it this time) and three onesies that I embroidered. And also, these engraved Gerber spoons that I like to order when I find out baby's first name and birthday. You know-cause I love personalized things.

I just looked on the Gerber website and guess what-the price on the spoons more than doubled! They used to be $2.95 a piece (very reasonable, I thought) and now they are $7.95 a piece. I think they still offer free shipping, though I'm not completely sure.

Darn that Gerber Corp.☻


Inoureyes said...

Such a sweet gift Holly. Its good to know you embroider ;-)/ Is there anything you can't do???

Anonymous said...


Haha-yes there's plenty I can't do. One of the many things is-keep a clean house! It's getting nasty in here!☺


Anonymous said...

Oh, I have never seen your house messy! The spoons are so cute - I have Levi and Noah's on their little display shelves in their rooms - what a nice gift!


Anonymous said...

You've never "dropped in", or you'd have been "grossed out"!


Dawnie said...

Love the baby gift. How sweet!!

Lynn said...

Your embroidery turned out so cute! I'm sure the recipient (and her mom :) ) will love it.

Holly C. said...

Thanks Lynn! I hope they love it.☺