Friday, October 10, 2014

Another rag rug photoshoot

Yes-so I spot cleaned my living room floor for another rag rug photoshoot.

Can you spy the spiderman sheet?

Two rugs become one.  (Two that I had given my mom.)  When I first started making rugs-sometimes I used less than ideal fabrics and I didn't crochet them as tight as I do now.  So my mom asked me if I could unravel two of her rugs and crochet them up tighter.  I did, and I threw out some of the weird fabric I had used and made one tighter and more durable rug.

Parts of the rug formally known as Berry are in this rug.  A sort of a fabric transplant, if you will.  (Again-a rug I had given my mom and it had become loose, so I tore it apart.)

All flannel rag rug

This rug includes some sheets which I had used as drop cloths.  If you look closely at the two outer colors you can see paint spots.  This is my favorite kind of rug to make-something beautiful out of something ready for the garbage.

That little gem of a pretty green color is an old sheet I found in the basement covering an engine of Larry's.

Formally known as April.  April was a rug that I used and she needed a bit of a makeover.  So I ripped her apart and replaced some stretchy t-shirt material (that I shouldn't have used), with some not-so stretchy t-shirt material.

I used up bits and pieces (leftovers) for this one.

I'm still making rag rugs for gifts and my personal satisfation.  I'll miss sitting on the deck, soaking in the sun.  (So good for my soul.)  Cold weather is upon us in western PA!


Susi said...

Love them and can't wait to try one myself. Collecting sheets at the moment.

Holly C. said...

I think you'll love it, Susi!

Dawnie said...

Love your beautiful rugs!!! Does the flannel one feel different than the cotton ones? You have some beautiful colors and your Mom will be thrilled!! Keep up the great handiwork! You have a special gift!!!!!!

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Dawnie! Yes-the flannel one feels different. I actually like the feel of the poly/cotton sheet ones better. But then I don't like to sleep on flannel either. I like my cool to the touch sheets-even in winter. :) Love ya!