Thursday, March 24, 2011

She's a Star!

I went to my mom's today, to do a wee bit o' cleaning for her.  My camera was there, so I took pics of this rug, that I named 'Star', inspired by the prop I grabbed.  Star is a name- let's not forget Star Jones.  Mom had wanted me to make her friend a rag rug, so that's why I took this rug there and why I went ahead and took photos there.  I may never see Star again.  (Hmmmm-that was confusing!) Anyhow, this rug was made from thrifted t-shirts, some double knit fabric I found in my basement, and some fabric from the braided rug that I had made for the Handmade Home Project.  Yes, I tore Maddie's rag rug apart.  I hadn't sewn it together very good and I like the crocheted rugs better, and plus I needed some more red fabric.

And here's a better shot of Berry.  The reason Berry was at mom's house is because on Sunday, after church, in the parking lot, I had shown her my two latest rugs and she asked if she could have Berry-so Berry's hers now.  I think he's 'berry' handsome.

I also took Mom a bundle of note cards that I had made from some of my own images.  (That strawberry pen smells like strawberries.  Love it!)

I've had cards printed from my own photos before, but I wanted to do it again after seeing an article by Emily Falconbridge on Today's Mama.

I purchased some of the note cards from Shutterfly.  I had a 30 dollar credit for transferring photos there from a company that is going out of business (Photoworks)-over to Shutterfly, otherwise I probably would not have ordered them.  They are not cheap, especially if you are not ordering large quantities.

The top two cards here are from Vistaprint.  They are a little bigger than the Shutterfly note cards and just as nice.   I got 10 of each print.  They were 'free', except they weren't because they charge you for uploading your own photo and shipping.  They came out to be less than a dollar a piece-which I didn't think was too bad for something personalized.

I've rambled on long enough, I hope you have a lovely day!


Rhonda said...

Your rugs are gorgeous- I love Berry! The note cards are awesome too. I'm so cheap when it comes to purchasing cards, but I love to personalize them, so I get 3.5x5" prints made of my photos, then make a traditional homemade card using my scrapbook stuff - I'm cheap cheap cheap!

Holly C. said...

Thank you!

No-you are smart, smart, smart. I have some prints too-but I'm just too lazy to make them into cards. Takes too many brain cells for me to try to do it. :)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Your cards are awesome. They look so professional. There's no end to your talents!

Dawnie said...

Your rugs are beautiful!! I LOVE your cards too. How special to send one to someone. It means so much more. Keep up the great ideas!

A Friend on the Farm said...

You are so very talented Holly. I really like the note cards. What a great idea! My niece, who is 2, wants a kitten but isn't allowed so for her birthday, I made her a book of my cat "Cheech" (which is her favortie cat) and I made a little booklet for her. With the help of Snapfish! I like being able to see your cool and crafty ideas. Keep them coming!

Holly C. said...

Awww, Wendy, that was a great idea. She'll love it. I love photobooks!

Sharon said...

I can't wait until you decide to sell some of those rugs Holly they are so beautiful!!