Saturday, March 19, 2011

I don't have a camera, but I do have my netbook

My daughter took my camera (well-I guess it's hers) with her last night, but that's alright-she'll bring it back.  I hope.  Waaaaaaaa!!!!! (That's me crying.)

My mom has my Kodak Easyshare.  But that's alright because I don't really like it anymore, anyhow.  My ol' Tracfone doesn't have a camera, but that's alright too-I like only paying seven dollars a month for cell phone service.  Anyhow-I thought-welp, I'm not taking any pics for a while.  Then I remembered my netbook has a webcam and I can take pictures with my webcam.  It's not easy though, believe me. 

I loaded my two new rugs and my netbook (aka-Ace) in my car and drove to the bottom of-(it's true!) my driveway.  I parked and carted my stuff a whole-I don't know-20 feet or so into the woods for a little photoshoot with the webcam.  HA!

This is Woody.  If you could see him better, you might think he looks a little like a tree stump-thus the name.  He's got browns and little brownish-purple in him.  I found a bag of some double knit fabric that Larry's aunt had given me long ago-in the basement.  It's the printed fabric in Woody.  The rest is thrifted t-shirts.  I really like this one and thinks it's very pretty and you might too, if you could see it better.

This is Berry.  No, not Barry, Berry-for his berrylicious coloring.  Berry contains thrifted and gifted sheets and some more of the ol' double knit fabric.

Want to know something funny?  I started to walk off without Berry.  Then I remembered him and for a split second I couldn't see the 'Berry' for the trees!

I hope you are having a good day!


Inoureyes said...

Such a funny gal! I love the idea of a tree trunk rug. We had our sewing circle yesterday and i can now kind of say i can make those things that you are addicted to. But, my hands hurt!

Holly C. said...

Oh,good-I'm glad you made one. You need to put pics up on the blog.

My hands really hurt too when I first started, but I really think I'm getting used to it. Probably buildin' muscles. :)

Rhonda said...

You crack me up!

Dawnie said...

Oh, to have been a little gnome in the woods watching you do all of this would have been so fun!!!! Love your new rugs!!! Love your pix too.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

How could you leave lovely Berry behind? Your improvised camera shots look pretty good! Hats off to the photographer.