Tuesday, May 28, 2013

At the reception hall

The centerpieces

The gift table

The tables

The tissue paper balls-I helped fluff those babies out!


The cake and pie table

The bride and groom cake

The 'hall'

The candy bar-the mango gummy bears were awesome!  Kim had little bags there with a note to fill them up with candy and  take them with you.

Pie, anyone?

The windowsills

Write your wishes!  (A cute idea, I thought.)  Also, you could play Yahtzee!  There was dice and game cards in little buckets.  I played with my cousin Michelle-she won, dangit!


The hall is new, although it is built onto the back of this old church.  It turned out to be a lovely day for a wedding.

Kim asked me to stop in at the reception hall before the wedding to take pictures of the decorations, and so I did.   So many cute ideas.  It was lovely!


Michaelanne said...

Wow! Very pretty...so many creative touches..love the bright centerpieces and the ideas to write notes to the bride and groom... Beautiful wedding Holly! You girls looked great:)

Rhonda said...

It all looks great!!! I love some of her ideas - like the games and the candy bar!!

Rainey said...

It was a lovely wedding! So very Kim. :-)