Friday, May 31, 2013

Roc and rhodes

Some pics of my rhododendrons-so I can remember how pretty, and a few of Rocco thrown in for good measure.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

At the reception hall

The centerpieces

The gift table

The tables

The tissue paper balls-I helped fluff those babies out!


The cake and pie table

The bride and groom cake

The 'hall'

The candy bar-the mango gummy bears were awesome!  Kim had little bags there with a note to fill them up with candy and  take them with you.

Pie, anyone?

The windowsills

Write your wishes!  (A cute idea, I thought.)  Also, you could play Yahtzee!  There was dice and game cards in little buckets.  I played with my cousin Michelle-she won, dangit!


The hall is new, although it is built onto the back of this old church.  It turned out to be a lovely day for a wedding.

Kim asked me to stop in at the reception hall before the wedding to take pictures of the decorations, and so I did.   So many cute ideas.  It was lovely!

Kimmie and Travis get married~May 25, 2013

Thank you, Lord, for bringing these two together!

*These photos are by Jodie*
*More wedding photos coming soon, I'm sure!*

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh, that sky and those clouds

Mother's Day sunset-on my way home from Jodie's.

The hummers are back in town!

The skyline this evening.

I was walking up the hill to my house from the mailbox.

This and that

Random pics from the last few weeks

Ring bearer pillows for my sister's wedding.

I tend to light a candle and take a pic after I clean my stove-ha!

Jodie's tulips

Rocco versus the robin-the robin won.

Mom bought me this little mug at a trash and treasure sale.  Mugs and butter-two of my favorite things!

Pretty purple weeds/wildflowers-they smelled great!

Jess and Bear

My beautiful niece and her lovable doggie.

Friday, May 10, 2013

We went for a ride

Yesterday, we took the gator down the road a little ways to look at the wild dogwood.   It was such a beautiful day.  Roc was very happy!