Friday, March 8, 2013

Sweet stuff

My peeps!  I've been using these same ones for three years.  Now, that's what I call shelf stable!

Mmmm-Jelly Belly jelly beans.  My favs are buttered popcorn, toasted marshmallow, and pear.

Made some oatmeal peanut butter cookies for (my) supper. Four ingredients-peanut butter, egg, sugar, and oatmeal.

Don't worry-I didn't eat them all.

Finding hearts in my cupcake pan made me smile.

Heart-shaped log-I love the texture.

I bought myself some treats from Wooly Moss Roots.  I love to read Taryn's beautiful blog.
I pulled down this branch so I could get a look in this nest.  There's a maple leaf lying in it.  I'm wondering if the birds put it in there or if it just fell in there.  Hmmmmmm.

New buds on the lilac bush.  Spring is around the corner!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Michaelanne said...

I LOVE all of your pictures!!! Your ahead of us...No buds on our lilacs..but the tulips are up!!!! Dontcha just love it, Holly!