Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My sister asked me to paint and 'rusticate' this wishing well for cards at her wedding reception, so I did.

That led me to decide to paint my table top too.  Oh heck, I figured I might as well, while the paint was out.

25 years was long enough to look at oak.  The finish was damaged anyhow.

I primed it with Kilz 2 that I had for the camper and some water-based satin Dutch Boy paint that my mom had given me for the camper also.  That stuff was old and really thick but I just kept adding water till it got to a nice consistency and it worked great!  After the paint dried, I sanded around the edges and then wiped it down with brown craft paint on a damp cloth.  It was a surprisingly easy project.

I think it'll make for prettier pictures.

What do you think???

I was excited to fill my ceramic egg holder that Jodie got me for my birthday, with plastic Easter eggs.

I cut a Goodwill hap apart and covered a pillow in desperate need of covering.

I stash my books and my rag balls wherever possible. :)

Bunnies bunnies everywhere!

There's a lot of different patterns going on here!  A friend gave me this quilt, then I gave it to my sister, then she gave it back to me and I'm glad 'cause I like it!  I covered another pillow with that Goodwill hap.

Ahhhhh-the sunshine appeared here and there today, and it was lovely to see!
Have a great day!


littlemancat said...

Nice job with that pretty blue paint! I know what you mean about oak - we seem to have quite a bit of it also. I do like the painted look.
Love those bunnies! Happy Spring!

Holly C. said...

Happy spring to you too, Mary!

Michaelanne said...

Beautiful Spring decorating!!! I got all my Easter stuff out yesterday..Looks Springy despite the 2 feet of snow that fell!! Oh my!!! SNOW!!!! Oh can only get warmer from here:) Lovely pics Holly! I might have to get me an egg holder too! If I get around to painting my table top, I will send you pics:) XXXOOO