Friday, March 1, 2013


Well, I'll be darned-the sun came out a day this week.

It was lovely!

Tea time-always!

This is April-one of my old rugs.  Well-only about 2 years old, I guess

Snake plants are apparently nearly impossible to kill, since I hadn't watered this one for months and still it continued to grow.  I did give it a sink bath and a drink this week, though.

Sun, glorious, sun!


Rocco's brother, Jasper (in the foreground), sneaks over the hill a few times a week to see us.  I think Rocco's glad to see him, but is still a little leary of someone in his territory.  After about an hour or maybe less-my brother-n-law (his owner) comes to get him and take him back home. 

Oh, Roc!  So innocent at times!

So NOT innocent at times-like when the UPS man comes and he goes nuts! 

Happy Friday!


Dawnie said...

Oh, That is too cute. He's watching for the UPS man! His brother looks beautiful too and it's so cute he comes for an occasional visit. You could handle another Rottie, Holly!! You could have a house full!! Jodie said you were coming today and I was jealous! I miss you!!

Holly C. said...

I couldn't handle two Dawnie! They're like two bulls in a china shop! I miss you too!

Michaelanne said...

My step son was just home for a visit, and brought his TWO black lab and chesapeake bay retriever mix dogs..they were both over 100 lbs...they were sweet and funny and totally lovable..but, OH..the mess! I can completely relate to the bull in the china shop statement!

Holly C. said...

Oh, Michaelanne! With big dogs, it doesn't take long for them to trash the place, does it?

Glad you got to visit with your step son (and his pups)!