Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finding Rocco (and my thoughts while doing it) this fine Thursday morn

Hmmmmmm-where's Rocco?  I better get the gator and look for him.
It's a very pretty morning.

Look how some trees just break in half, isn't that something?

Omg-it's freezing-I should have worn gloves.  Those trees are lovely.

Just follow those big paw tracks, and you will find him. Is that him?  Grrrr-he's gonna get it!

Slink, slink, slink.  He's a slinker, he's a STinker!

Trot, trot, trot.  Yeah-you better get a move on, Mister!  Now, jump in the back.

Woah-that's really beautiful, but it's freezing.  Time to go home, Roc.
Happy Thursday!


Michaelanne said...

He is a little stinker!!!! We had a major snow storm at our house! and...IT IS FREEZING:) C'mon Spring!!!!!

Holly C. said...

We have been getting snow too, but not as much as you!