Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It took until the end of September, but finally, I have a windowsill full of zinnias! 

We had a beautiful, misty, Monday, September morning!

I was wondering where Rocco was-I turned around and there he was walking up the driveway, out of the mist.

Here's Roc, pondering life.

Awwwww-there's that mug I love so much!

Cows~in my backyard!

Pretty courthouse!

Another pretty building!

Swatch portraits in my bedroom

This is the end of the peppers, but I still have tons of these little tomatoes I can pick
That's all for now-have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall is in the air

Fall is in the air and I like it!
The sunflowers are closing up shop for the season.  I'm going to have a ton of seeds to save this year!

Beautiful little cherry tomatoes!

The leaves are changing colors and I'm amazed, yet again, this year!

This is snapweed, jewelweed, balsam, impatiens capensis, or as I knew it as a kid, touch-me-not.  When the seed pods dry out a little, all you have to do is touch them and they explode. (I also found out that this plant has medicinal properties for relieving the itch of poison ivy-good to know!)

See?  I loved doing this as a kid, along with popping tar bubbles on the road on hot summer days.  (Mom let us kids play on the road!)  Then we had to get out the Crisco and clean up our hands and feet!  Oh, the memories!

Ssssssnake!  (I wasn't afraid, because I was on the gator.)  He blends right in!

A barn near my home.

Tiny lady bug-it's about time for these guys to invade my home!

I made a mug rug...

and another.  With the cooler weather, I've found I can drink tea all. day. long.
Have a wonderful week, everybody!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Off my camera

I'm glad I pull out the camera at least once a day, because how the heck else would I remember what's been going on?
I'm getting a handful of zinnias every few days.  I'll take what I can get!

I grew these!  Growing things is fun!

When my mom and I went to my daughter's on Sunday-we all got pumkin spice lattes.  (My mom paid-thanks, Mom!)

Sunset, on the way home from Hoper's.
Sewing fleece on the floor!

My daughter asked me to make a Philadelphia Phillies fleece blanket for her friend-a Phillie fan.  She has a queen sized bed, so this blanket is huge!  I ordered six yards of Phillies fabric and six yards of navy blue fabric, then I cut each piece in two lengthwise and then sewed them together widthwise to make it wider.  (Hmmmm-does that make sense?)  Anyhow, I cut and tied the fabrics together last Saturday afternoon. I also made her a scarf from a piece of fleece that I had trimmed off.  (I was just about to pitch it in the garbage, when I thought-hey, this can be a scarf!)  I just cut and knotted fringe on both ends of the scarf-shaped scrap.  It was kind of a joke, but she ended up loving it!

My neighbor called me and told me not to let Rocco out because there was a skunk in our yard!
He was out there for about an hour searching for grubs (I think) in the grass.

             While waiting for the Pepe Le Pew to move into the sunlight, I took pictures of the toy soldiers on our deck posts.    

I was at my sister's house yesterday and this is more of her pretty Fiestaware!
I hope everybody has a great weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Miscellaneous pics

More flowers from the garden

We had fried green tomatoes for supper tonight. 

Larry's uncle grew this huge watermelon.  It was 38 pounds.  We got half-19 pounds.  Yes-I've been butchering it-it's so hard to handle!

My sister's Fiestaware-so pretty!

Hoper took this pic of Roc-he's riding on the back of the gator.

My sleepy boy-what a big mug you have!

I was excited to get my StickyGrams the other day.  StickyGram is a company that makes magnets from Instagram photos.  Most (but not all) of these photos were taken with my regular camera, and then I just ran them through the Instagram filter on my iPod.

They're a little less than two inches square.  They're the same size as they are on my iPod screen, actually.  I love them!

I was drinking some of last year's tomato juice the other day.

Cotton yarn balls

I made a 'mug rug' with that cotton yarn, just messing around.  Wow-it's hard for me crochet with yarn after making all those rugs.
Have a great day, everybody!

Monday, September 3, 2012

'Rainbow'-the remaking of a rag rug

The finished product

Jess' loose and wavy rag rug

Unicorn puke

Rainbow rag rug ball

The finished product
On Friday, I was at my sister's house.  Every time I'm over there I notice how loose and wavy the first rug that I made my niece (the second rug  I ever made) is.  It bugged me, so I decided to bring it home with me, unravel it and crochet it back up-properly.

So that's what I did, and also she (the rug) now has a proper name-Rainbow.  (The first 30 or 40 rugs I made were not named.)

Have a great day!