Saturday, December 29, 2012

Morning and Domino

Good morning, this is Morning.

Yes-I saw on a blog or something, a little girl named Morning. I love it. 

What a glorious morning it was when the sun finally came out the other day and I could photograph this rug without the colors completely washing out.

This rug is for my mom. She actually picked out and bought the t-shirts at Goodwill for this one. (She was going to try to make this herself-but then just decided to have me do it.) I've had the shirts for a while now, and just never got to it. She's been asking about it, so I got busy last week and got 'er done. I wrapped it up as one of her Christmas gifts!

This is Domino. Get it?  Black and white...Domino.    

A nice little something I made out of all those 'ready for the trash' black and white t-shirts and yoga pants from my closet, with some white and off-white sheets thrown in for good measure.

My camera kept skewing the colors, so I converted the pic to black and white, as it should be.    

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Michaelanne said...

They are both SO pretty!!! I just LOVE your rugs! and they hold up SO great!