Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It took until the end of September, but finally, I have a windowsill full of zinnias! 

We had a beautiful, misty, Monday, September morning!

I was wondering where Rocco was-I turned around and there he was walking up the driveway, out of the mist.

Here's Roc, pondering life.

Awwwww-there's that mug I love so much!

Cows~in my backyard!

Pretty courthouse!

Another pretty building!

Swatch portraits in my bedroom

This is the end of the peppers, but I still have tons of these little tomatoes I can pick
That's all for now-have a great rest of the week!


Dawnie said...

That Rocco sure is sweet! Love the courthouse. Autumn Leaf Festival is going on now. Remi and I passed through today but avoided the actual festival. It's always so busy. Love your miscellany pix. It's hard to believe summer is over. Love this weather though. I could handle these temps all year round!!

Michaelanne said...

Love your photos!! The swatch pics in your bedroom are great!!! Such a good idea! and OF COURSE...that Rocco is handsome as ever!!!!!