Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This and that

I've been taking photos of my tea each morning-with my different mugs and these lovely journals (that I don't write in) as coasters.  I love drinking tea and I love seeing it too!

Here's Rocco-in my 'garden'~I know, what a joke!

I'm happy to report that the sunflowers are doing great-I'm just waiting for them to bloom.  I'll have a some zinnias too.

The pond!  Boy, she's muddy.



A candy cane zinnia in my 'garden'!

Green tomatoes, purple nails-a lovely combo of colors-in my opinion.  These are in the bed near my house.

A friend gave me some pottery that she made in college.  I love stuff like that!

I'm still scanning old photos that I took from Mom.  Here's Jodie at our local pool~aka home away from home in our youth~in the 70's.  Ahhhh, sweet memories!   Sadly, they filled this pool in with dirt this year. 

I had to document that I actually wore a bikini in my lifetime-yes, here I am in 1978.  I'm sure it was the last year I wore one!
That's it, that's all-have a great day!


A Friend on the Farm said...

Ooo, I like the candy cane zinnia you have growing. I have a bunch of different colored ones in a pot on my porch. Plus, when I was mowing today, in the middle of weeds I saw purple petunias! Hmm... I wonder how they got there?

Michaelanne said...

I have some BRIGHT orange zinnias...sunflowers and cosmos are blooming too!! looks so pretty!! LOVE the old pics!! Again..I have some SO similar...me and my sisters at the pool in the apt. complex that we lived in..I think we lived in Clark Summit PA then..Ahh...memories!!! I just bought a tube that reminds me of your LAST bikini pic!!! lol!! I need to go float around the pool!! 87 here..whew...

Dawnie said...

Cute vintage swimming pics! Love your purple nails and green tomatoes; they do look lovely together!! I think I need a cup of tea now...